Stand reservations

Booking the stand

Stands can be reserved by filling in the registration form, by phone or by e-mail (you will find the contact information at the bottom of the page). Entries are accepted after the dead-line provided that there are still sites available; however, we will have to charge a higher fee for some of the services.

General terms of participation and general instructons of Jyväskylä Fair Ltd.

Opening hours

Wednesday 4.9.2019 from 10-17
Thursday 5.9.2019 from 10-17
Friday 6.9.2019 from 10-16

Customer get-together
Wednesday 4.9.2019 from 18-21

Map of the exhibition area

The general map of the exhibition area will be published closer to the exhibition.


More information about our services.


The checklist of arrangements.


Street address of Jyväskylän Paviljonki is Lutakonaukio 12, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland. More information on directions.

Delivery address

Instructions concerning deliveries are in the checklist, Exhibition logistics


Jyväskylän Paviljonki has two garages, P-Paviljonki 1 (entrance from Satamakatu) and P-Paviljonki 2 (entrance from Uno Savolan katu).
In addition, behind the hall B is the parking lot P-Paviljonki 3, intended mainly for the exhibitors.
See the number of available parking spaces in P-Paviljonki 1 and P-Paviljonki 2.

Parking cards for building-up and moving out are provided daily by the supervisors of P3-area, just show your exhibitor or builder ID-card.

During the exhibition days charges are applicable in all areas.
Parking in the garages costs either 1 € / h or 12 € / day, and will be paid directly to the machines.
In P3-area charge is 10 € / day, and will be paid in cash to the area supervisors.

Product groups

Product groups displayed in the exhibition.

Site rental

Indoors: 109 € / m2
– Space exceeding 100 m– 82 € / m2

Outdoors: 47 € / m2
– Space exceeding 100 m– 32 € / m2

Please note

Additional charge for a corner site 10 %, does not apply to stands over 50 m2.

Minimum site rental 424 €.

VAT 24 % will be added to all prices.

Registration fee

Registration fee 300 € includes

Information letters, visibility in the exhibition catalogue and on the website.

Site rental includes

Exhibitor cards, standbuilder cards

Site rental includes invitations to the exhibition 10 pieces / m2, extra orders free of charge. Invitations can be provided with ready printed name/company logo and stand number for extra charge.

Invitations to the customer get-together
According to the size of the stand 25 – 100 pieces

Ensure visibility with short lectures to the visitors!

Exhibitors have the opportunity to organize infomercials / product demonstrations during the exhibition. Duration of one briefing is 15-45 minutes, beginning on the hour. Times are booked by order of registration.

Official title and the speaker can be ensured later, at the booking stage we hope at least an indicative title and of course the desired time (day and time). Short lectures are published in the exhibition program on our website and in the printed exhibition catalogue.

More information and reservations: Project Secretary Tuula Rahikainen, tel. +358 14 334 0027,

Map of the exhibition area

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Tanja Hurttia

Sales manager

+358 50 362 2548

Hannu Mennala

Sales manager

+358 50 591 5428

Raimo Pylvänäinen

Sales director

+358 400 671 923

Tuula Rahikainen

Sales secretary

+358 50 462 1232