Polytechnik, Luft-und Feuerungstechnik GmbH



Hainfelderstrasse 69, A-2564 WEISSENBACH, AUSTRIA
puh. / tel. +43 26728900

During its more than 50 years of company history, POLYTECHNIK, based in Lower Austria, made its way from a manufacturer of extraction and filter systems to one of the globally leading suppliers for the design and delivery of turnkey biomass combustion plants for heat and electricity generation.

POLYTECHNIK offers these combustion plants with a performance range from 300 kW up to 30,000 kW output per boiler. Depending on the type and water content of the fuel, specially designed combustion systems are put to use. Media carriers can be warm water, hot water, steam or thermal oil. The plants can be used for heating and process heat as well as for power generation (from 200 kWel up to 20,000 kWel).

Approximately 240 people are employed in the four ISO 9001 certified production facilities and the 15 engineering, sales and service subsidiaries throughout Europe, as well as in the additional five operations overseas.

At the same time, existing products are continually improved by ongoing large research project as well as through the cooperation with technical universities and research institutes.

The result is a technology which comes far below statutory emission limits, increases efficiency and by doing so enables an almost infinite application in the combustion of biomass.

The export rate of the Austrian industry leader currently amounts to almost 100 percent. More than 3000 plants are operated worldwide, to the fullest satisfaction of their users. Besides the largest European aeroplane manufacturer, the company’s customers include, for example, British protein processing corporations or Russian timber processing groups, which in turn dominate the global market themselves.

By creating ecologically friendly products, Polytechnik not only meets current trends but also provides for a sustainable development by employing state-of-the-art technologies in growing markets and therefore significantly contributing to a CO2 neutral energy production.

Polytechnik Headoffice in Weissenbach/Triesting (Austria)


Fuel feeding into a hydraulic grate combustion chamber (Germany)


2.000 kW biomass combustion plan (Finland)

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